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Posted by corporatefundas on June 4, 2009 at 12:35 AM

Well! here we go                                                                                                                 


The problems in corporates comprises mainly of two factors:


*The internal and the external factor. well! that's just not what you can let go off easily...


Internal factors: :mad:


 These are related to the poblems that arises due to your stupid contemplations and prospectives.

                        It seriously jolts down the foundation of your career.


There aren't much internal factors, but let me list a few:

1. The degrading confidence in one's own self:

* this is one of the most worst things that can jolt down someone. People tend to degrade their ownself, when they see a successful guy standing just beside them. They tend to have a pessimistic view an dhence loose every battle they were going to fight in future, there itself...


solution: stand in front of mirror and look at your body:

look at your hair, what should be done to it so that it comforts me???

look at your body shape, should I join the gym??

look at your fairness and acne problems, well need to go to a skin specialist???

all these and many more problems create some pessimism in one's own view's. he starts to hate himself. but listen

ONE CAN ACTUALLY succeed with one's own beliefs, one's own prospective and one's own convictions.


Life is always under scrutiny.:)


2. The over-shadowed innocence of the pessimistic Family members:


* Do you have a joint family. good for you, why??? well you have many solutions around then. from the most experienced man to the least experienced kid.


Well, I have seen people, who don't use their own brains in taking decision, they listen either to their Grandfathers or Grandma's or parents. Damn! dude, this life is yours, how could you let them come and interfere in your life. God made them your superior only to trackk down your problems and help you think to solve them independently.


You should never take their solutions but rather should put their safety and needs in your solution.

that's the solution.!!!!


and rest lies within you, those can be only interrogated by you. sit one day, in front of god and think of everything that bothers you and you will find slowly list of all the odds coming into your brain. relax and find a way out... IF YOU CAN"T DISCUSS WITH ME!





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