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LAW 1- Keep Others IN suspense

Posted by corporatefundas on October 7, 2009 at 11:07 AM

                                          KEEP OTHERS IN SUSPENSE

Interestingly, Many people in this real world, where we live, Have secrets trapped inside them. They appear to be a whole lot of fun company when around, but are more rigid or brittle inside!

well that's in Real world. But when we land into Corporates, we clearly have one prosepctive, designing or thinking something new and executing at the right place and right time. But is that all we are limited to? 

Humans have had the tendency of being gullible from ages. Their strong will was easily melted down by a spark of appreciations. And people here expert in appreciations are basically the Sycophants from whom we need to be far away.... but we cant be!! 

so now what does a man do then? 

well its necessary for a man to be conservative of his new ideas. he should keep his ideas hidden in him until the right moment comes. He should be able to refine it and plan it within himself. and if by chance he blurts out in front of these sycophants, the idea is ready to be sold in open market without any money value... 
 and hence this law should be the utmost one to be followed. every person when he steps in this world of politics and Professional Drama, he should be able to get hold of these sycophants and should be able to tackle them, firstly by not being personal enough and secondly by not blurting the important things out!!

caution: Do not be so conservative that even your juniors dont know your name!


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