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LAW 1- Keep Others IN suspense

Posted by corporatefundas on October 7, 2009 at 11:07 AM Comments comments (0)

                                          KEEP OTHERS IN SUSPENSE

Interestingly, Many people in this real world, where we live, Have secrets trapped inside them. They appear to be a whole lot of fun company when around, but are more rigid or brittle inside!

well that's in Real world. But when we land into Corporates, we clearly have one prosepctive, designing or thinking something new and executing at the right place and right time. But is that all we are limited to? 

Humans have had the tendency of being gullible from ages. Their strong will was easily melted down by a spark of appreciations. And people here expert in appreciations are basically the Sycophants from whom we need to be far away.... but we cant be!! 

so now what does a man do then? 

well its necessary for a man to be conservative of his new ideas. he should keep his ideas hidden in him until the right moment comes. He should be able to refine it and plan it within himself. and if by chance he blurts out in front of these sycophants, the idea is ready to be sold in open market without any money value... 
 and hence this law should be the utmost one to be followed. every person when he steps in this world of politics and Professional Drama, he should be able to get hold of these sycophants and should be able to tackle them, firstly by not being personal enough and secondly by not blurting the important things out!!

caution: Do not be so conservative that even your juniors dont know your name!


Posted by corporatefundas on June 6, 2009 at 11:39 AM Comments comments (0)

well! internal factors are easy to get rid off, but some factors affect you externally, even though some rise within you, these are nothing but the questions your soul asks. These I can specifically point out as two questions.


Q! 1: Will  I get a satisfactory Salary??? should I  opt for other company or ask for higher package?:dry:



well! no one, I say no one can help you out with this question., since no one knows actually in which state do you live, but still, I sat down one day, dreaming a story out and say what my brain showed me an answer. Let me share with you... ok give me some credit guys... send me a mail after reading this.....heheheheh!:tongue:

solution: Sit, sit somewhere, let it be  a park or a congested place or any other place you like, any except your home, except your office, sit in a place where no one knows you and that you feel lonely over there.

Now, look at a tree in front of you. look at the branch and leaves, look at the new flowers or look at the fruits that come out. Now imagine the whole process. Leaves taking the sunlight, converting that to food, sending it to stems and roots. what do you see????

You actually see a family or even an office, where people work with care and are in unison. What does that imply???? that implies that you need to think three thinks:


 your future and

about your people...

here the future means store,

store in the sense is something you stack and keep it for future expenses.

here you land into the problem of deciding the budget, then you think of future expenses, then you think of your family, your wife's expenses, expenses of your children studies... now what you actually start to think about your expenses, you actually calculate the future costs and past expenses sitting just there mentally and there you are actully deciding your salary and then dividing it into Consumption, Savings and Thinking of Investments. That's when you think of your demands from life and your brain plans out the rest.....


PS: a lonely feeling needed for it.........:(



[email protected] 2: what about my JOB security??? may be the management of their company wouldn't actually accept my behaviour and touch of working or even my ideas and idioms. my own creations and innovations, may be I may not be as competent as the people there, may be they are Higher at educational qualifications, am confused?????


ans: get the hell out of this world, we dont need you. Didn't you read what Darwin said


now, do you want to get compared to the geeks:roll: having higher degrees, hey if you think they got into some great institutions giving a stupid tough entrance exam, then let me tell you, there are many people who are born lucky to have cleared with their marks just in border line, all are not greats, some may have been smart and intelligent, but everybody, I say everybody in this world has the hair-rising instict, which is the biggest syndrome of Nervousness.


well, why do you get scared, you just need a green good smelling note and stomach full of achievements.

for that you need intelligence and not degree,

for that you need smartness and not a blazer of raymonds,

for that you need activeness and not A geeky behaviour and

if you can't do this, corporate is not for you!!!!!!!!

JOB security:

Its recession guys, you need to have some fear, everybody has. try to get your own solutions, ill give my fadu idea in the next blog, but still I want to see your smartness, get yourself on the corporate rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:cool:



Posted by corporatefundas on June 4, 2009 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Well! here we go                                                                                                                 


The problems in corporates comprises mainly of two factors:


*The internal and the external factor. well! that's just not what you can let go off easily...


Internal factors: :mad:


 These are related to the poblems that arises due to your stupid contemplations and prospectives.

                        It seriously jolts down the foundation of your career.


There aren't much internal factors, but let me list a few:

1. The degrading confidence in one's own self:

* this is one of the most worst things that can jolt down someone. People tend to degrade their ownself, when they see a successful guy standing just beside them. They tend to have a pessimistic view an dhence loose every battle they were going to fight in future, there itself...


solution: stand in front of mirror and look at your body:

look at your hair, what should be done to it so that it comforts me???

look at your body shape, should I join the gym??

look at your fairness and acne problems, well need to go to a skin specialist???

all these and many more problems create some pessimism in one's own view's. he starts to hate himself. but listen

ONE CAN ACTUALLY succeed with one's own beliefs, one's own prospective and one's own convictions.


Life is always under scrutiny.:)


2. The over-shadowed innocence of the pessimistic Family members:


* Do you have a joint family. good for you, why??? well you have many solutions around then. from the most experienced man to the least experienced kid.


Well, I have seen people, who don't use their own brains in taking decision, they listen either to their Grandfathers or Grandma's or parents. Damn! dude, this life is yours, how could you let them come and interfere in your life. God made them your superior only to trackk down your problems and help you think to solve them independently.


You should never take their solutions but rather should put their safety and needs in your solution.

that's the solution.!!!!


and rest lies within you, those can be only interrogated by you. sit one day, in front of god and think of everything that bothers you and you will find slowly list of all the odds coming into your brain. relax and find a way out... IF YOU CAN"T DISCUSS WITH ME!





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