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 Well! I am an eighteen year old teen, My name is Prateek Narayan Shukla and I have recently published an e-book which is titled "10 LAWS TO RULE YOUR STATUS- IN CORPORATE WORLD". you will find it in and its on sale for 2 dollars.

But after creating this site, It should be a tempting question in your mind whether I will expose the 10 laws here, say what I am going to. It was really found to be the best out of the rest and I really wrecked my whole brain for a month to get those precious elements of corporate world.

This site has come up only to educate the educated and instill in him the leadership qualities. To change his perspective of seeing the world outside and inside the fast world of corporates. Its necessary to instill this power, this quality in this world.

when I was sixteen, I saw my dad working really really hard and paying his services to this world and guess what not only did he get three promotions in the same year, he got a bank full of bonuses and increements. My views here are simple and are squeezed out of my father Prakash Narayan Shukla's Experiences in corporates, along with the experiences of many great leaders and those who might not be famous but are part of this league.


Its necessary to work hard, I believe, but on other hand its necessary to play with people as well. there are many who work hard, but there are very few who work hard smartly. and that's what I am gonna teach you and that's what forced me to build this website.


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